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Furniture Restoration

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We specialise in furniture repair and furniture restoration in Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield, South Yorkshire, Wakefield, Worksop, and Nottingham. We aim to make your furniture look as good as new, and take our time so you receive nothing but excellence. We restore both leather furniture and fabric furniture. With extensive knowledge and expertise, we can help your furniture to last a lifetime.

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Leather Restoration

We’re specialists in leather furniture restoration. We use tried and tested methods, passed down from generation to generation. This means your leather sofa, leather chair and leather furniture is not just in good hands,it means that the quality and workmanship will last.

Fabric Restoration

We use both modern and traditional upholstery techniques so that we can restore your fabric furniture in the styles required to match the original workmanship. Whether you’re looking for an antique furniture restoration or a modern sofa restoration, we offer the highest quality and workmanship.

Leather and Upholstery Upgrading

Did you know you can upgrade your current furniture? It’s not a term you’ll often see but it’s a service that’s on the rise with Opulence The Leather Company. We don’t just repair furniture, we can also upgrade furniture for you in Sheffield. We can use a better quality foam across your whole sofa so it lasts for years longer than it originally would. If you’ve got dining chairs, love sofas, settees or stools, we can upgrade them to improve their quality and longevity.

The personal touch​

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Some items mean more than others. Your furniture may have been handed down over generations, or have sentimental value. That’s why we offer the personal touch when restoring your furniture. We don’t believe in rushing a job, we take our time and use the appropriate methods, old and new, to lovingly bring your item back to life.

Whether your leather sofa, chair, footstool, or tabletop is aniline, semi-aniline, nubuck, suede, chromium, or vinyl, we will restore, clean, repair, protect, change the colour, or provide an aftercare service that suits you. Everything with Opulence The Leather Company is bespoke to suit your needs.

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You may have a tired looking sofa, padding that is lifeless, saggy and even collapsed. There may be tears and stains that you haven’t got the confidence to repair yourself. If a piece of furniture has a sound frame and is appreciated for its comfort and style, then it is worth having re-upholstered.

We are always honest with our customers. We want to deliver nothing less than exceptional quality so we will talk you through the methods we will use when restoring your upholstery. We can provide a complete repair and restoration service, from recovering seat pads to full frame up restorations of new or antique furniture.

We can re-spring your saggy seats, replace cushion inners that may have collapsed. We offer spring and webbing replacement or repairs, foam, horsehair and cotton wadding replacement, cushion refilling, and replacement of new for old cushions, pillows, and full reupholstery and full furniture restorations. We can even reupholster your furniture with a new fabric, should you choose.

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We understand the importance of a furniture restoration. It’s not something that can be rushed, or completed quickly. A good quality furniture restoration or upholstery repair takes time, dedication and expertise.

We cover areas such as Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield, South Yorkshire, Wakefield, Worksop, and Nottingham.

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Sometimes item is more than just a thing. Sometimes, it’s a personal treasure. They hold more value than money can buy – to us they represent love, comfort, and memories.

Perhaps your furniture restoration project is a family heirloom, passed through the generations or a gift received from a loved one.

We at Opulence The Leather Company know that furniture can be much more than its function. It’s why we offer the best furniture and upholstery restoration you can find.

Better than
buying new​


It’s better for your bank and for the environment to repair your upholstery and furniture than replace it. Rather than discarding your old items in a local tip and buying new, it’s more cost-effective to repair furniture. Especially when replacing quality brands of furniture such as Duresta, Wesley Barrell, G-Plan and Parker Knoll. Not only that but the quality of older furniture is often far better than new furniture – just compare antique furniture that was hand-crafted over a hundred years ago to the likes of IKEA and you’ll see there is no contest.

New feel
new look​


If you’re considering renovating your home, or redecorating, upholstering your old furniture to match the room can make it the centerpiece. Imagine having curtains that match the cushions or dining room seats? Interior design at its finest.

We can reupholster your furniture, cushions, dining chairs and any fabric items for you with the attention and due care they deserve. 







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