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Commercial Upholstery Repairs

Commercial Furniture Restoration

Repaired with your business in mind


We, at Opulence The Leather Company, offer one-off services and maintenance contracts for commercial premises that have furniture that needs restoration or repairs. Whether the material is leather, vinyl or fabric, we can clean and restore your furniture so it will be able to handle the daily wear and tear once more.

We typically service hotels, restaurants, cinemas, night clubs, pubs, offices, aircrafts, boats and hospitals. With our specialist knowledge, we can extend the lifespan of the furniture, whilst maintaining the fire standards needed to meet health and safety measures in all industries.



hotel commercial furniture restoration

Hotel lobbies, including bars and restaurant seating


bars, clubs and restaurants

Typically bar stools, built in seating, chairs and other facilities


offices and surgeries

Office chairs, reception seats, dentist chairs for example


boats and aircrafts

From seating to wall padding, any type of wear and tear on leather, vinyl or fabric.

commercial airport lobby furniture clean repair and restoration

Why choose us

for your commercial furniture & upholstery restoration?


We are experts in our field and provide the required attention to detail to ensure your furniture receives nothing short of the best care and repair in Sheffield. We don’t believe in rushing a job to get it through the door quickly. This kind of approach will lead to repairs that can soon start to show wear and tear, or worse still, break and need further restoration We take our roles as furniture restorers very seriously and will take our time, using our expertise, to fully restore your furniture so it can last against the daily use it faces on your commercial premises.

hotel lobby waiting room furniture restoration for commercial premises

Save on the cost of new furniture


Buying new furniture can be an expensive outgoing for any business. Whether it’s a new sofa that has a great structural frame, that can withstand hundreds of customers using it daily, or whether it’s a leather seat designed to be used in a waiting room. Replacing furniture is far more costly than repairing and maintaining your current items.

Opulence The Leather Company offer one-off projects and also maintenance contracts for your furniture repairs and cleaning. Speak to us to find out more.

Revitalise the look and feel


The look and feel of an establishment is equally as important as the service a customer receives. If your commercial premises has furniture that looks tired and worn, it can impact the impression you’re trying to make.

We work with businesses who have bespoke furniture that, through high use over the years, looks worn and in need of minor restorations as well a deep clean. We offer complete commercial furniture restorations as well as offering a deep clean to bring them back to looking as glorious as they did when they were new.

Maintain the high quality furniture on your premises​


If your establishment has a look and feel you want to maintain, before your commercial furniture begins to show major signs of deterioration, it’s wise to have them maintained and serviced. This includes a good clean, added protection and restoration on any furniture that may need it.

We offer maintenance contracts to keep costs low, while maintaining your commercial furniture and upholstery before they become damaged beyond repair.


furniture cleaning


It’s important to clean your commercial furniture and protect it. This is how you extend the lifespan of your items whilst maintaining the look and feel that is desirable to your business. Some contracters who offer carpet cleaning may extend their offerings into the furniture cleaning arena. However, without the years of furniture restoration and repairs knowledge, it’s easy to make a minor damage much worse through steam cleaning, using too much moisture, or, in cases we’ve seen, using the wrong products.

We specialise in commercial furniture cleaning. We know what products are best to apply to various fabrics, and how best to clean each furniture piece. We don’t believe in rushing a job, instead we’ll take the time needed to ensure your furniture is professionally cleaned to the highest standard, also offering to protect your furniture to help maintain the quality.

commercial furniture and upholstery cleaning







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